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A platform for businesses looking to hire for mid-senior level positions


    Skeltron  is one of the fastest growing consulting and an employee driven company. Our primary focus is on IT, Recruitment, and Digital Services.

    We consciously thrive to reach major milestones by providing quality services to the clients to meet their demands by having a strong, transparent & professional relationship.

    We aim to see ourselves are the market leader of the recruitment industry by providing cost-effective quality solutions.

    Our USP lies in sending sample profiles within 24 hours of receiving every requirement


    How a requirement is processed

    It’s not always practical for small and mid-sized businesses to employ full-time human resource professionals. The challenges that industries face dealing with recruitment are ever-growing.

    Skeltron, with it's industry niche experience aims to fulfill this void by assisting company's with better recruits.

    Permanent Staffing
    Employee Assessment
    Employee credentials and Background Verification

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Most frequent questions and answers

    We work on satisfaction first, payment later model.

    To take up the work, we do not need any upfront financial commitment, just one line of acceptance email to get the work started.

    Once a candidate is placed, we charge 50 percent payment. The balance invoice will be raised post 30 days.

    To begin with, we just need a single line of acceptance email.

    Please note: We charge 8.33% as candidate’s annual salary as our placement fees.

    Initially, one can expect 8 candidate profiles.

    Once a candidate has completed his physical/virtual interview, a feedback is conducted to understand how things went through.

    Depending on the feedback the next course of action is planned.

    If none of the candidate’s seem to be suitable for the advertised a profile, a set of 3 candidate profiles are sent twice.

    In the rare case candidate’s profile still seem to be unsuitable, a call will be setup to understand the reasons.

    The no of profiles are subject to the guidelines discussed in earlier points

    We offer our services only for mid-senior levels.

    For mid-level positions, the salaries should be greater than 4L PA

    For senior positions, the salaries should be greater than 8-10 Lac PA

    We do not offer our services for junior level positions.

    One can checkout the platforms Apna, Indeed and Hirect for their junior level needs.

    After selection, a company will need to bind the agreement of salary and other variable components with the selected candidate and proceed for an offer letter.

    Skeltron, will offer its assistance to companies all the way to overcome difficulties, if any.

    After offer letter phase, a candidate usually puts down his/her paper and gets ready to join the other company.

    However, a candidate might need to serve a notice period as required by every company.

    Please note: Notice periods might vary from company to company

    Candidate joining will usually happen on or before 7 days of getting relieved from their present company.

    All invoices will be raised post 30 days of candidate joining a new organization.

    Skeltron reserves the right to pursue legally if the payment is not received within 10 days of raising the invoice.

    By agreeing to our services, you also acknowledge your acceptance to our Terms & Conditions.

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    Have Any Questions?

    Why not, get started and seek clarifications to all your questions on the way? After all there is no any upfront commitment!

    You are in control all the time and choose to pay only when you are satisfied.